Nebraska Commission of Industrial Relations


Chapter 48 Article 8

Constitutional Provision:

Industrial commission, controversies between employer and employee, see Article XV, Section 9, Constitution of Nebraska.

State Employees Collective Bargaining Act, see Section pdf icon 81-1369.

Section Description
pdf icon 48-801. Terms, defined.
pdf icon 48-801.01. Act, how cited.
pdf icon 48-802. Public policy.
pdf icon 48-803. Commission of Industrial Relations; created.
pdf icon 48-804. Commissioners, appointment, term; vacancy; removal; presiding officer; selection; duties; quorum; applicability of law.
pdf icon 48-804.01. Presiding officer; clerk; personnel; appointment; duties.
pdf icon 48-804.02. Clerk, employees; salaries; approval by Governor; expenses.
pdf icon 48-804.03. Clerk; bond or insurance; oath.
pdf icon 48-805. Commissioners; qualifications.
pdf icon 48-806. Commissioners; compensation; expenses.
pdf icon 48-807. Commission; office; location; records.
pdf icon 48-808. Reporter; duties.
pdf icon 48-809. Commission; powers.
pdf icon 48-810. Commission; jurisdiction
pdf icon 48-810.01. State or political subdivision; exempt from contract with labor organization.
pdf icon 48-810.02. Repealed. Laws 1969, c. 407, §8.
pdf icon 48-811. Commission; filing of petition; effect.
pdf icon 48-811.01. Docket fee; disposition.
pdf icon 48-811.02 School district, educational service unit, or community college; appointment of special master; decision; additional proceeding.
pdf icon 48-812. Commission; proceedings; appeal.
pdf icon 48-813. Commission; notice of pendency of proceedings; service; response; filing; hearing; waiver of notice.
pdf icon 48-814. Commission; employees; compensation.
pdf icon 48-815. Commission; seal; attendance of witnesses and parties; subpoena.
pdf icon 48-816. Preliminary proceedings; commission; powers; duties; collective bargaining; posttrial conference.
pdf icon 48-816.01. Hearing officer; appointment; when.
pdf icon 48-816.02. Temporary relief; initial hearing; when held.
pdf icon 48-817. Commission; findings; decisions; orders.
pdf icon 48-818. Commission; findings; order; powers; content; modification.
pdf icon 48-818.01 (Operative 7/1/2012) School districts, educational service units, and community colleges; collective bargaining; timelines; procedure; resolution officer; powers; duties; action filed with commission; when; collective-bargaining agreement; contents
pdf icon 48-818.02 (Operative 7/1/2012) School district, educational service unit, or community college; total compensation; considerations
pdf icon 48-818.03 (Operative 7/1/2012) School district, educational service unit, or community college; wage rates; commission; duties; orders authorized
pdf icon 48-819. Commission; orders; effect; contempt.
pdf icon 48-819.01. Commission; power to make findings and enter orders; when.
pdf icon 48-820. Repealed. Laws 1969, c. 407, § 8.
pdf icon 48-821. Public service; interference; coercion; violation; penalty.
pdf icon 48-822. Employees; no requirement to work without consent.
pdf icon 48-823. Act; liberal construction; commission; powers.
pdf icon 48-824. Labor negotiations; prohibited practices.
pdf icon 48-825. Labor negotiations; prohibited practices; complaints; procedure.
pdf icon 48-826 to 48-836 Repealed. Laws 1969, c. 407, § 8.
pdf icon 48-837. Public employees; employee organization; bargaining.
pdf icon 48-838. Collective bargaining; questions of representation; elections; nonmember employee duty to reimburse; when.
pdf icon 48-839. Repealed. Laws 1986, LB 809, § 11.
pdf icon 48-840 & 48-841. Repealed. Laws 1987, LB 782, § 4.
pdf icon 48-842. State employees; jurisdiction of commission; restricted.



Section Description
pdf icon 81-1369. Act, how cited.
pdf icon 81-1370. Legislative findings; purpose of act.
pdf icon 81-1371. Terms, defined.
pdf icon 81-1372. Act; cumulative to Industrial Relations Act.
pdf icon 81-1373. Bargaining units; created; other employee units.
pdf icon 81-1374. Repealed. Laws 2011, LB 397, § 36.
pdf icon 81-1375. Certified collective-bargaining agents; meet and confer; procedures applicable.
pdf icon 81-1376. Division of Employee Relations; created; Chief Negotiator; powers and duties.
pdf icon 81-1377. Negotiation of labor contracts.
pdf icon 81-1378. Computation of dates.
pdf icon 81-1379. Negotiations; when commenced and completed; negotiated agreements; requirements; supplementary bargaining.
pdf icon 81-1380. Repealed. Laws 2011, LB 397, § 36.
pdf icon 81-1381. Submission to mediator; selection of mediator.
pdf icon 81-1382. Unresolved issues; final offers; prehearing conference; Special Master; authority.
pdf icon 81-1383. Special Master's ruling; effect; appeal; commission; procedure; standards.
pdf icon 81-1384. Chief or appointed negotiator; report; Special Master's ruling; acceptance by Legislature.
pdf icon 81-1385. Appeal; effect on employment.
pdf icon 81-1386. Prohibited practices; enumerated; expressions permitted.
pdf icon 81-1387. Prohibited practices; proceedings; appeal; grounds.
pdf icon 81-1388. Commission; adopt rules and regulations.
pdf icon 81-1389. Repealed. Laws 2011, LB 397, § 36.
pdf icon 81-1390. Repealed. Laws 2011, LB 397, § 36.

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